Lee Premium Ltd. is an experienced Premium Buying Office/Exporter in Hong Kong supported by hundreds of manufacturers in China; with the experiences in exporting over 20,000,000 units of premiums a year. The BENEFITS of using our Premiums buying services are as follows:

There is a huge range of existing Premiums for your selection; plus special design services and originally tailor-made new products. You will save a lot of your time, as you do not need to look for, contact, screen or negotiate with a long list of the potential manufacturers while buying a variety of premiums. You will be entitled to the competitive prices due to our long-term business relationship with the manufacturers and the accumulative volume of orders we placed with them. In addition we often use manufacturers in the north of China to produce for the orders, where cost is lower. It is quite often that we can accept a low minimum ordered quantity for tailor made products; and usually our manufacturers can produce prototypes of new products for you to show to the end buyers. The on line quality control and pre-shipment inspection services will be provided. We monitor the production schedule closely and can assure the punctual delivery. We communicate every day with you efficiently and effectively to make sure that you are being kept informed of the whole processing. For more information about our products, would you please send us your inquiry. We look forward to having such an opportunity to serve you in the near future.


  • Design and Engineering
  • You design and sketch, our designer and engineer will provide support to work out the final product with you. Change your beautiful design to a real product.
  • Mock up
  • Convert your idea into mock up sample for presentation, we will give you an extraordinary experience for the mock up, speed up the time to market with quick response and good quality
  • Manufacturing
  • We understand what you need, therefore we can give you a better arrangement than the other. We manage production schedule, monitor product quality, and deliver the product in great quality and on time.
  • Quality control: production inspection / pre-shipment inspection
  • We provide a prefect quality control system for all our customers.
    A Pre-Shipment Inspection selected at random from all batches of your order when production is at least 80% complete.
    Our QC inspector will issue a professional inspection report fully cover product functionality, performance, dimension and overall appearance after final inspection.